Saturday, March 1, 2014

Perspectives from Women Extraordinaire from OnlySuccess

A couple of weeks back I had this opportunity to attend Women Extraordinaire – A tribute to women achievers by Only Success.

The event had key speakers such as Dr. Kiran Bedi(Social Activist and Former IPS Officer), Dr. Kamala Selvararaj(Pioneer Infertility Treatment), Ms. Rashmi Bansal (Best selling author), Ms G. SreeVidya(First woman Entrepreneur of Guarding Services) and Ms. Nirmala Nandakumar(Head Training and Dev, Only Success)

I wanted to share with you all my key perspectives and learnings here from Dr.Kiran Bedi and Dr. Kamala Selvaraj’s sessions

Dr. Kamala Selvaraj:

  • ·         Time Management is key be it at home or work. Arranging and keeping things in order helps a lot instead of searching all the time or asking the maid where things are ;)
  • ·         Closing the feedback loop is vital. Once job is done to let your managers/peers know that work is completed
  • ·         Having ME time for exercise that has good hormones like endorphins pumping in, parlour, music, prayer etc.
  • ·         Having a pepper spray, growing nails J, having a torch, dressing modestly and coming home before 10 pm are some tips towards safety
  • ·         To keep on telling to children whether they listen or not all positive things in life like stories, slogas etc.
Dr. Kiran Bedi:

  • ·         Do what you can with what you have where you are :) was the quote with which Dr. Kiran Bedi started off
  • ·         We were asked to retrospect what all we invested in as children – Reading, Sports, Music etc. Whatever she was today she attributed to her upbringing in school and college.
  • ·         Rocking chair Game - Plan a strategy for what you want to be. Go forward and back ward like in a rocking chair. Imagine yourself how you were when you were at ages 10, 20, 30 to now and what you have done differently and all those good things you are proud of and what mistakes you want to correct and imagine yourself at 50, 60 and what profession you would be in, how will you look, what will be your daily schedule, what will you do etc. With this in mind you will know what to do NOW.
  • ·         The more you challenge the mind the more it works and the more you allow it to sleep the more it sleeps J
  • ·         If you constantly read/experience only then it will keep working. Body, mind and soul preparation constantly is key.
  • ·         Write down what you are not comfortable with, what makes you weak, what you want to change, how to change and the 1, 2 ,3 steps
  • ·         Dr. Kiran Bedi was known as Crane Bedi since she was known to tow away cars even the PM’s J She was not afraid of anyone since she grew up with high self-esteem and acted as per her conscience.
  • ·         Dr. Kiran was the first woman to lead the 14 km Republic Day Parade and she had the honour of having breakfast with then PM Indira Gandhi J
  • ·         Everyone has problems. The key is to break up the problem into chunks and find solutions by attacking the root of the problem. Once this habit is formed you start going in search of problems than shunning away from it.
  • ·         For the future girl child her key message was on learning Arts, Music, Dance, Playing outdoors and how all of this would help improve the child’s self-esteem and help becoming assertive.

  • You could also listen to her speech in youtube here
Looking back and retrospecting past 2 weeks I feel success is defined by us rather than from outside. Its we be it home makers or working mothers with what life has to offer uniquely to each of us can define what success is and we can be Dr. Kirans and Dr.Kamalas in our own space…..

What did you like best from above or is there something else you want to share…Do leave a comment…Would love to hear from you